IC Experience is the School’s initiative committed to creating, developing, promoting and providing different experiences linked to the School’s main pillars, both for our students and for those of other international institutions.

These experiences are designed according to the specific needs of each group. Once the objectives are identified, exchange programmes are arranged with foreign students with a linguistic, sportive and/or cultural aim.

IC Experience also provides a Break Programme available in winter and summer. In addition, language learning opportunities (Spanish and/or English), fun excursions, cultural activities and sports encounters are offered.

In the Sports Programme, students interact with different cultures in a world class destination, whilst practicing their favorite sports.

In the Graduates Programme, students enjoy Punta del Este, one of the most attractive cities in Latin America in the company of their friends.

In the Exchange Programme, students have an unforgettable experience by attending a bilingual (English-Spanish) school.

All programmes within IC Experience include a cultural and entertainment agenda.