Sciences Fairs and Olympics
During the second term, Kinder, Primary and Secondary students organize their own Science Fair. They present the topics worked on during their Sciences and Mathematics classes and personal research through the use of posters, digital and oral presentations, experiments and models. These are additional instances where teamwork and creativity, as well as oral and written skills are fostered.

Primary Science Expo

The Primary Science Expo at IC is dedicated to scientific disciplines of nature. The scientific method, proving a hypothesis, research, field notebooks, experimenting and verification make this event special. Each group promotes the excitement of discovery by sharing their process and findings with the rest of the students. The creativity, the reusing of materials and the enthusiasm displayed by students and teachers alike is inspirational. This activity seeks to promote investigative thinking, develop curious minds and provide the setting for collaborative work.

Secondary Science Fair

The Secondary Science Fair takes place during the last week of the School year. For two days, students present a summary of the work they have undertaken in their ‘Biología’, ‘Ciencias Físicas’, ‘Química’, Chemistry and Physics classes. Using a variety of resources, such as posters, audiovisual and oral presentations, experiments and scale models, students exhibit their research. Topics include biomes, bacteria, the immune system, holograms, rays, sound, water treatments and solar power, in conjunction with chemical reaction experiments.


Several olympics take place annually in Uruguay, such as the Uruguayan Chemistry Olympics which has been organized by the College of Chemistry since 2009. This competition has two instances, regional and national. When students pass the Maldonado ‘regional’ stage, they qualify to compete in the National Chemistry Olympics in Montevideo. The same occurs with the National Mathematics Olympics which focuses on evaluating students’ ability to solve problems through critical thinking.

IC has been providing the venue for the regional Chemistry Olympics since 2017 and will be hosting the regional Maths Olympics in 2018.