Robotics Club

Throughout the year, International College implements a Robotics programme. Students learn to use different types of software such as MIT’s Scratch,, mbloq, miniBloq. This programme stimulates critical thinking, creativity and teamwork, keeping students up to date with the latest technological advances while maintaining an emphasis on the importance of having fun.

Robotics Competitions

The use of robots is an important platform for national and international competitions. These competitions challenge and motivate students to strengthen their programming strategies and encourage them to continue this fascinating journey of discovery.

2017 was the first year our School participated in the State Science Fair. On this occasion, three of our clubs presented their different projects: a transportation drone, an RC lifesaver and an agricultural robot. Each project received special distinctions. The agricultural robot, Horti Bot made it all the way to the Nationals, where it was awarded several prizes and was published by the Uruguayan Ministry of Education and Culture.

Working through projects is a global trend that allows students to apply the knowledge they acquire in class. It is a strategy that nurtures each student’s abilities, helping them to feel comfortable with their individual set of skills whilst also introducing them to new ones.

More innovative challenges are expected to ensure our students acquire the best tools for the future that awaits them.