In Music, we work together as if we were an orchestra. We listen to each other. Everyone has a role and everyone shares their ideas.Multiple players perform as one single instrument. Everyone experiences what it is like to be a musician and, at times, even the Director of the orchestra.

Students learn skills such as how to breathe in order to release tension and how to connect and project their voice. They also work on rhythms, feeling the music through their bodies and the instruments they play. They sing dynamic popular songs and games, and create their own material with the aim of awakening the original and unique composer from within.

Music lessons are an opportunity for students to express themselves, to communicate and to develop their sensitivity through the sounds that help them to grow as musicians, but also as people.

In Secondary, Music is of great importance throughout the year. Students experience music through different activities, such as the rehearsal of anthems and academic tunes required as part of official events, including the IC anthem: The Future in our Hands, as well as popular music and fun activities, such as the IC Talent Show.

Students increase their listening capabilities and become more aware of the role the musical ear plays in the creation of compositions, in addition to learning technical terms and recognising music as part of cultural heritage.